I attended my first Strategic Coach workshop in 2015 and fell in love with Dan Sullivan’s time management method for business. I’ve always struggled with being a bit of an overachiever and stretching myself too thin. Unfortunately, this mindset results in anxiety and leaves us unhappy and lost, especially when nothing ever feels like it gets done.

That’s why I felt a huge rush of relief when I started applying TheWeeklyPlanner (Click for a free download!) to my work day. If you’re anything like me and have struggled with taking on too much, I promise this will help you feel balanced and fulfilled.

In creating your weekly planner first list your three goals for the week and then brainstorm the small steps required to get measurable results. Remember to celebrate the small victories too since these are the means to the end result. Treat yourself to a coffee or a few mins on social media 🙂 Still, don’t lose sight of your goal, because what’s the meaning of productivity without purpose?

I also use the weekly planner as an important reminder that a successful work day should not only be about productivity, but also preparation and downtime. So if you are struggling with maintaining a work-life balance and time management, try breaking up your day into three time stages: focus, free and buffer.

FOCUS activities are used to grow your business or build your career. I dedicate (70%) of my day to focus tasks such as following up with clients, BD, proposals, meetings, marketing. Second, BUFFER time (10%) is used to strategize and brainstorm daily priorities. I like to do this at the end of the day so I know exactly what needs to get accomplished the following day. Lastly, FREE time (20%) is just as it sounds, no working (we’re not robots). Ever noticed that when you are working on something for hours at a time, you’ve lost all focus? I advise scheduling in 10 mins of each hour to break and re-charge. Use the rest of your time connecting with colleagues, get out of your workspace, and re-energize!

How do you break up your day? Has the weekly planner helped? Love hearing from you! #success#strategiccoach #timemanagement