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“Don’t wait to start!

Sami helped me get organized, stay accountable and manage my time between a full time job and starting my own business.

Thank you so much for believing in me and helping me believe that I can make my dream a reality!”


Hannah G.

Founder, Hannah Goetz Organizing

Austin, TX

My favorite part of working with Sami is that she really listens. She clearly does not go by a cookie cutter business plan for everyone. She makes an authentic plan with you.


Elizabeth G.

Author of Ribbon’s Travelling Castle

Los Angeles, California

Sami came in and walked me through every step of the process: identifying my ideal client, creating a website, honing in on my motivation for the business, developing programs, and all things marketing. Our one-on-one strategy sessions helped me take a passion I always had and turn it into a business model.

Miku K.

Business Owner, Love Notes by M

Los Angeles, California

What my clients say about me

“Every time I finish a session with Sami it feels like a weight has been lifted from my mind and heart. She gets it. As a Business Owner, Author, Development Manager, mom and wife, I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed before I met Sami.

I received the most rigid accountability I’ve ever truly had to to dive into my dreams. Together, we created well-thought out strategies to up level my business.

As a result of working with Sami:

  • I’ve launched a strong business plan.
  • Strategies to connect with top publishers to get my book published.
  • I’ve found my inner strength and let it shine.
  • I increased my sense of making my dream happen and was inspiring to me.

Sami is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a highly qualified, motivational, and inspiring career coach. Call her NOW!”

Diala H.

CEO (Dubai, UAE), Cook with Sousou

“Before I started working with Sami, my business was just a plan in my head that would one day appear.

 As a result of working with Sami:

  • I have finally started my business.
  • I feel more confident and focused than ever before.
  • I got my first few dream clients.
  • I’ve improved my time management and prioritized me.

Don’t wait to start! Sami helped me get organized, stay accountable and manage my time between a full time job and starting my own business.

Thank you so much for believing in me and helping me believe that I can make my dream a reality!”

Hannah G.

Founder (Austin, TX), Hannah Goetz Organizing

“Sami helped me get results a lot faster and with a lot more confidence. I think it’s important for everyone to have someone like Sami help you with decision making, goal setting and accountability.

She helped me massively grow my business by creating a blueprint around finding investors, collaborating with international partnerships, various business development strategies and she helped me see how to communicate more effectively with my team. 

If I had to rate her skill level, I’d definitely give her five stars. A true professional!”

Niels V.

CEO & Founder (Amsterdam, Netherlands),

“When I learned of your coaching program, I was really struggling with my career. I had graduated from NYU years prior, and working at a stressful job when I wanted to start my own business. At the time, it sounded like a near impossible endeavor, but thanks to your coaching I have now started my practice and am working toward my dream career! My confidence in what I’m doing has grown immensely and I am ready to take control of my time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You really gave me the push I needed to believe that I had the power to take the reins and change the trajectory of my career and my life. I frequently find myself thinking back to our conversations and drawing strength from the guidance you gave me. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get the confidence to take the first step and holding my hand on this journey. It’s been an incredible ride!”

Niloo Y.

Founder (Los Angeles, CA), Niloo LSP

“I was ready to create my coaching business, but I had absolutely no idea how or where to start.

That’s where Sami came in and walked me through every step of the process: identifying my ideal client, creating a website, honing in on my motivation for the business, developing programs, and all things marketing. Our one-on-one strategy sessions helped me take a passion I always had and turn it into a business model.

She without a doubt will help you move forward with your dreams and hold you accountable, all the while providing her absolute support throughout the entire process!”

Miku K.

Owner (Los Angeles, CA ), Love Notes by M

I came across Sami when my business was in a period of growth and I felt like I needed to ensure that I was ready to handle what was going on. Over the months that I’ve worked with Sami, I’ve implemented new routines and thought patterns to help me focus on what is really important to me. Sami has helped me stick to my goals, both professionally and personally and I’ve seen real results.

I’m happy to recommend Sami to anyone who is looking to achieve more in life and not lose focus on the things that matter most to them.”

Damian H.

CEO (Singapore), Capytech

“After Sami’s WeWork workshop, I decided to sign up for a one-on-one session. Sami is remarkable and very in-tune with what it takes to grow as an individual and a leader in order to reach your business goals. Thanks, Sami!”

Candice L.

CEO (Houston, Texas), 10e5 Solutions

“I interviewed 5 business coaches and I chose to work with Sami! Sami has been a godsend. I was looking for a kind and sharp-minded savvy businesswoman. That’s what I found in Sami! 

My favorite part of working with Sami is that she really listens. She clearly does not go by a cookie cutter business plan for everyone. She makes an authentic plan with you. 

She is professional, understanding and knows her stuff. She is very intuitive and pushes me to be my best at everything I doHer advice and presence have given me such confidence, that the other parts of my life, the non-business parts, are positively being affected as well. 

I’m also an actress and I have noticed because I’d been reaching out so much for my children’s book, auditions have become easier because I’ve been using my “reaching out muscle” so much. 

I’m so happy I found Sami Toussi!”

Elizabeth G.

Los Angeles California Author, Ribbon's Traveling Castle

Want to experience their journey to success too?

“Initially I was skeptical of the idea of a career coach, but I must say I’m so appreciative of all the help Sami gave me and would recommend her to anyone who wants to jump start their career! Before working with Sami, I was stuck. I had a lot of good ideas, but I didn’t follow through for various reasons. I was working on a blog as a draft only and a business, but was reluctant to acknowledge it when people asked.

Sami helped me think about my business differently. Sami was easy to talk to; I felt comfortable discussing what was important to me and she helped me prioritize these items. By helping me set deadlines for my goals, Sami pushed me to take action. Now I have published 36 posts on my blog and my business is picking up. I would definitely do it again. Thank you Sami for all of your help!”

Rachel S.

Business Owner (Houston, TX)

“I initially started seeing Sami because I was feeling completely lost and unfulfilled in my work and life. I didn’t even know what I wanted to do or what my passion was. All I knew was I needed someone to point me in the right direction. I knew I needed a change. Sami has done that and more. I have learned so much about myself and who I truly am, and why I am the way I am.

I feel like every session we have together, I have a tremendous breakthrough.

 She helped me unveil my passions that have always been there, but I never recognized. I finally feel like I’m enough. I am now on the path to living my best life and am finally starting to feel fulfilled in my work, relationships and every other aspect in my life. I’m not sure where I would be today without her; I probably would still feel completely lost. I think everyone could benefit from working with someone like Sami.”

Bella L.

Actress (Los Angeles, CA)

“From day one I have loved our conversations. Each session leaves me feeling energized, and ready to conquer all that’s ahead of me. Working with Sami has allowed me to get clear on my goals and has pushed me to take action towards my dreams.

As a result of working with Sami:

I am currently building my own business that makes me excited and gives me the freedom I desire.

Sami has helped me make this reality possible. I am so thankful for the encouragement and guidance she has given me. I don’t know what my life would look like today if I hadn’t hired Sami – and I definitely do not want to find out!

Sami is the best kind of cheerleader and should be first on your list if considering hiring a coach.”

Rachel K.

Founder (Phoenix, AZ), Roadmaps by Rachael

“I feel like I have evolved personally and professionally by working with Sami. She’s helped me focus on what’s truly important and trust my instinct.

As a result of working with Sami:

  • I’ve gained a lot of self esteem and self love
  • I have learned to follow my heart
  • I have started a website, launched an online store and even, made my first sale!

Through our sessions, I’ve now discovered what I want to achieve in life and found my first clients as a freelance photographer/film maker.”

Nour G.

Founder (Paris, France), Finding Nour

“Sami Toussi is an angel on a mission. She will listen to your goals, understand your vision, and push you to chase your dreams. I’m so glad I had the honor of being coached by such an empathetic and goal driven woman.”

Sahar N.

Founder (Dubai, UAE)

“Working with Sami has been an incredible experience. She has been remarkably supportive and compassionate yet skillfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stands in my way and what next steps I want and need to take in my personal and professional life. I was at first resistant to coaching, but Sami put me at ease and inspired me to design a life of my dreams.

After our sessions I felt like I could do anything, there’s nothing that can stop me.

It’s amazing to me, looking back at the process, how someone could help me cut through my doubts to be able to visualize some key goals. Thanks to Sami, I have started my own business, something I’ve been putting on hold for too long!”

Padina S.

Founder (Dubai, UAE), Petalo Design

“Sami is the easiest people to talk to that I have ever met. Hours can go by and you don’t even feel it. She takes every situation and gives you the right tools and strategies to overcome them. She is thoughtful, empowering and a great listener! She always encourages you to being the best version of yourself! There isn’t a mountain that she can’t help you climb! :-)”

Banah N.

Assistant Brand Manager (Dubai, UAE), Fruity Confections (Skittles and Starburst) at Mars

“I believe coaching does not encompass what I experienced with Sami. It was much more than that. I wanted to accomplish a lot in a short space of time, a track record of personal projects left a few months into them and experiencing a lot of uncertainty.                   

Working with Sami, I was able to identify my thought patterns, progress my career, develop holistic skills, define my personal values (I started with a list of 35, prioritized to only 5) develop my entrepreneurial pursuit, enrich my interpersonal interactions and stay focused (all the while staying calm!)                                                     

Our calls each week would give me much to reflect on that was richer and much more outcome focused. It did away with what I later recognized as “the counter productive thinking” I spent a lot of time on. It was bite sized that allowed me to move forward and it all came back full circle to the bigger picture.

Most important aspect of all this is Sami was fully there, for the period we worked together. She was meticulous, connected details, her eye was always on the bigger goal (she has refined the meaning of focus for me) and worked with me like a friend I could entirely trust.”

Jaz A.

Account Director (Dubai, UAE)

“Sami has a true passion and calling for helping others. She lightens up listening to your story, helping you reflect and assess the best action plan towards improvement. Her ability to connect with people is outstanding and made it very easy and comfortable for me to open up. Thanks to Sami I was able to identify the root cause of my obstacles and how to overcome them. Her dedication to clients doesn’t stop after a session. She is great at following up to remind you of the positive exercises to apply in your daily routine and checks in for improvements. No matter what situation you’re in, I’m confident Sami will be able to guide you towards the best version of yourself as she’s done for me!”

Adriana V.

VP Marketing (Venezuela)

“I took the plunge to seek Sami’s professional guidance at a time when my life was at a crossroad. It was one of the best decisions that I ever took! Before reaching out to Sami, I had just relocated to the UAE and I was feeling very confused, overwhelmed, disorientated and held a negative outlook on my life. I’ve closely worked with Sami for the past three months during which time I’ve learnt to re-discover my core values, my strengths & weaknesses and to assess what really matters to me. During our treasured sessions I’ve not only discovered a dedicated, committed and warm human in Sami but a mentor who successfully guided me to identify and re-focus on my values and long/short-term goals.                                                                 

With every passing week, I became more intentional and present in my daily endeavors and personal relationships. I’ve since rekindled habits and implemented new ones that help me to stay motivated, positive and focused. While I am still working on myself, the changes have not gone unnoticed – I’ve gained a tremendous amount of self-confidence, I’m less anxious and I stopped making excuses by adopting a Do-It-Now mind-set!

Reaching out to Sami has been the best gift I’ve given to myself and if you are feeling like I was, Sami’s knowledge and coaching will bring immeasurable benefits to your life. She is an attentive listener who will guide you to reach your goals through thought provoking questions, exercises and a positive mind-set, which rubs on you! I strongly recommend working with Sami as she has the skill and passion to lead you to achieve your objectives & become the best version of you!”

Angele S.

Representation of Malta to the European Union (Dubai, UAE)

“I’ve just had my first session with Sami and I am so impressed with the huge impact a single session has had on me. I felt an instant shift in my perceptions of the topics we covered in the session.

Sami guided the discussion in a very structured way and asked the right questions to allow me to gain clarity on the areas I should work on improving. She then helped me create an instant action plan with steps to follow around the ideas I am tackling. The accountability aspect is a game-changer for me and my commitment to my goals. I am familiar with a diverse range of coaching styles and techniques from my work with a leading publisher in personal development. Sami’s approach is extremely refreshing and stands out with its actionability and the innovative frameworks she applies. 

She’s an extremely resourceful coach that has a gift for connecting with others, understanding their their passions and providing practical advice in a way that will make anyone feel empowered and committed to make the progress they want to see in their life.”

Stani A .

Marketing Strategist (London, UK)

“Most times, the answer is within yourself. At times, we all need a push, a person to motivate us, and to drive us further. Sami has the ability to dig out the answers, to help you realize your full potential. Thank you Sami for your positivity, and the powerful tools you provided that I will use in my career and life decisions moving forward.”

Yasmin A.

Berlin, Germany, Sony Pictures

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“Sami is an outstanding coach. 75min of work with Sami were sufficient to make me shift into sticking to my daily routine that we’ve created together. Also Sami helped me envision and bring clarity to the direction I want to take in different areas of my life as well as the desired outcomes that I want to obtain in order to feel happy and fulfilled.       

She also helped me put into words the kind of partner and relationship I wanted to attract and manifest in my life. Shortly after, while at Burning Man I met the most incredible man that I could only dream of. By voicing my desired outcomes I more easily and quickly connected to them by recognizing and shifting my attention to them when they manifested. Sami also helped me identify and recognize my different inner voices and by doing so that allowed me to connect and dive even deeper into self love and self appreciation.  

Working with her as a coach was one of the best decision I’ve taken cause it was quick and definitive. Sami was committed to accompanying me on my journey and her presence and follow up after our session was very helpful. I highly recommend Sami as a coach.”

Mariana G.

Executive Coach (Paris, France)

“I’ve been working with Sami for a few months now and I appreciate her passion for her work and her clients. She truly believes in what she does and it shines through. Sami is great at providing different perspectives on issues you may have been struggling to understand. I got to the real root of what was holding me back from living a more fulfilling life!”

Jen D.

Manager (Portland, Oregon), FMCG

“With Sami’s support, I became more consistent and disciplined when making a career change. I was feeling overwhelmed, not seeing what my ext steps were and everything just felt very big. Sami helped me focus on small but highly effective steps like creating a daily routine and visualizing my goals. She has a natural ability to make you feel completely comfortable during the sessions because she comes from a truly non-judgmental place – and that’s rare to find.”

Mariana N.

Marketing and Event Producer (Lisbon, Portugal)

“I attended one of Sami’s workshops in Los Angeles and it was very informative and inspiring. I now use her framework as an ideal way to live my life. I feel like I have found a new direction and drive, and I thank Sami for her wonderful coaching and mentorship!”

Annie L.

Associate (Los Angeles, CA)

“Sami listens with her heart and thoughtfully provides valuable feedback. A true gem to work with her!!!”

Bev R.

Director of Nutrition (San Francisco, CA)

“Okay, confession: I’m one of those people who thinks that a “coach” only makes sense in the context of a basketball coach, a tennis coach, or maaaybe something like an acting coach. I’m naturally skeptical. Yet the session with Sami opened my eyes—she asked smart questions that had not occurred to me before, gently challenged me (in the best possible way), and gave me some concrete, practical “homework” that I am legit excited about. The meeting was structured, efficient, and purposeful. So even from a coach-skeptic…Highly recommended.”

Jeff W.

Author of The Book of Joe: Joe Biden's Life I Ubud, Bali

“I felt a connection with Sami straight away from day one. She is an extremely warm and passionate person. She has a gift in the way she can reach you and help you start living the life you want to lead both professionally and personally. Within the 6 sessions I had with Sami, my business idea went from being something in my head that I kept putting on the back burner, to something that is now on paper with steps, milestones and goals, so that with time I will realise my dream.                                                                

After a number of setbacks in my personal life, Sami has helped me bring the things that are important to me into focus by recognizing and prioritizing my needs. I now have the tools and a tailor made plan so that I can experience my day to day life with a little less stress and a lot more happiness, which I am confident will provide the motivation and consistency I need to live life to the full. From the heart, thank you Sami for all you’ve done (and are still doing!) for me.”

Julia D.

Fragrance Evaluator (Capetown, South Africa)
, Givaudan

“I am self starter “know it all” who generally feels that I can see people’s strategies a mile off. Hence life coaching was never going to be something I would naturally seek out or make time for.

I thought, “I am busy and I know what is best for me…no one else can help me succeed or solve my problems”. I went to see Sami as a favour to a friend who thought I would benefit. I got lucky I guess. Make time for Sami, she has a gift. She will will reset your focus and put you back in control of your whole life. I now have and continue to nurture balance in my life and I am experiencing more success at work and a general sense of gratefulness………and I also sleep better!”

Emerson L

Project Manager (London, UK), Geotechnics

“Sami’s workshop on balance and goal setting at Dojo Coworking in Canggu, Bali left me feeling inspired and motivated. Sami cares so much about other people. I love you Sami, you are awesome!”

Jade A.

Yoga Instructor (Paris, France)

“I attended Sami’s WeWork Houston Workshop this year. I found it very enlightening to concentrate and focus on specific aspects of my year by identifying priorities and goals while also attacking known imminent hurdles. I appreciate Sami’s approach to living life to the fullest and giving us tools to achieve great things. I hope everyone is able to reset and stay fresh personally and professionally, best by attending Sami Toussi Coaching events!”

Evan R.

International Trade & Business Development (Houston, TX)

“Sami is and extraordinary person. My sessions with her helped me open my eyes and see the world from a third party’s perspective. Sami is a friendly and comforting person, her ability to listen to and guide people helped me overcome some major obstacles in my social, relationship and professional life. Thanks Sami!”

Jacques S.

Operations Manager (Dubai, UAE)

“Sami is an amazing life and career coach. She helped me get clear on my goals and create a plan of action to improve my personal and professional life. I have now switched careers and accepted a job I love. I also attended one of her workshops and gained a better understanding about myself and where I want to be in the next year. Thank you Sami!”

Nil D.

Salesforce Manager (Dublin, Ireland)

“Thank you, Sami, for giving me the right words, confidence and tools to make this massive change in my career. Your guidance helped inspire me to make a change that was crucial in finding the right path for me in life.”

Emily G.

Founder, Eventor (Houston, TX)

“Sami is fantastic! She really hears what you are saying, and helps you focus in on what is important. It doesn’t feel like a script, she makes her coaching personal and individual. I have spoken with many coaches in the past, but, Sami without a doubt is one of the best! Highly recommend her to anyone going through anything positive or negative. I am confident she will help guide you. I am looking forward to working more with Sami Toussi Coaching.”

Craig M.

Senior Wealth Manager (Los Angeles, CA), Globaleye

“Sami has been my coach for a few weeks now and I have already experienced a paradigm shift in my way of thinking and approaching life on a daily basis. She has a strong, positive, encouraging nature that has made helped me take control of my life and work towards my goals. I would highly recommend her as a coach to anyone who wants to achieve their full potential.”

Nivs A.

Senior Media Executive Manager (Dubai, UAE)

“Sami helped me create an action plan on how to create a fulfilling business. She wrote me a life plan where I could envision my ideal future, with my relationship, family, business and self. She has a gift of connecting with people, and helps them feel that they can achieve anything if they set their minds to it. During our coaching sessions, I was able to release any doubts and gain clarity in my goals.”

Hakeem N.

Entrepreneur (London, UK)

“Sami provided me a wonderful coaching session that allowed me to step back from my day to say busy schedule and assess my real professional and personal priorities. Her approach is both professional and deliberate as she primarily listens and led me to come to many of my own conclusions. I left the session refreshed and more focused on my top priorities. I look forward to future sessions together”

Mo K.

Managing Partner (Houston, TX)

“Sami is wonderful. I completely agree with the sentiments below, within the first moments of speaking with Sami I felt comfortable, understood and at ease. I found our life coaching sessions incredibly beneficial. Not only is Sami authentic and genuine in her approach but she is able to relate to you… and to help you immediately pick out the areas of life to focus in on for growth. These aforementioned qualities are the reason why I was prompted to seek out coaching and why I recommend Sami as an excellent coach! Without giving too much away, Sami has exercises which I LOVE and find very helpful. I hope you enjoy your sessions and time with Sami!”

Lea S.

Artist (Los Angeles, CA)

“Sami provided me with the tools to make my relationship and career stronger, healthier and happier. Her motivation and positivity have made me a better communicator with my partner and at work, I now see problems as opportunities to grow and develop. I am a better version of myself today because of the coaching I received from Sami.”

Lizzie M.

Account Manager (Houston, TX)

“I attended Sami’s “How to Master Work-Life Balance” at the Rotaract Club and left feeling inspired and excited to evaluate and make positive changes to my life. Sami is a naturally talented coach with a contagious energy for life that makes you want to strive for your best self. Our exercises helped clarify the most important priorities in my life. Since then, I’ve been going to the gym and feel healthier and overall happier.”

Amr S.

Pharmacist (Dubai, UAE)

“Lovely workshop in Lisbon – super professional and happy vibes 🙂 A nice mix of theoretical learning and practical tasks. We couldn’t have packed more value into the hour!”

Julia N.

Photographer (Lisbon, Portugal)

“Thank you, Sami for your workshop. It was great.  Practical, easy to follow and very eye opening. Hope you come back to Portugal for another one soon!”

Thuha N.

Consultant (Lisbon, Portugal)