Have you read Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead? It was written by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, who decided to share her success tips as a woman in the male-dominated corporate world.

You probably know that women are usually pressured to be less assertive than men.

Sandberg wrote about her experiences in order to help women overcome harmful messages and advance in their fields. She committed to this cause by building up a network of successful women who want to support each other.

And at the same time, the book has made a bold statement amongst all women. I mean, who hasn’t struggled with confidence and communication issues at the office?

What Does Leaning In Mean Exactly?

Growing up, you absorb many messages about the “proper” way to behave. Some of these can hold you back from your full potential.

Choosing to lean in means discarding harmful rules and being mindful of the way you present yourself to the world.

You already know that improving your body language can help you get ahead at the office. Leaning towards your speaking partner is just one way you can show your confidence.

So, what else should you do to unlock your potential?

How to Become More Successful in Your Profession

Are you doing all you can to achieve your dreams? Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

1. Are You Taking Enough Risks?

Risk-takers are valued in the professional world. Showing initiative and being daring is extremely important in any field.

In my experience, everyone can learn how to take risks at work. However, first, you have to start with realizing your self-worth.

If you know you are fit for a better role, what is standing in your way? If you want to change jobs, what can you lose?

Stay clear-headed and realistic about your chances. But learn how to stop overthinking things.

Sometimes, all you need is one daring decision and everything else will work out.

2. Who Do You Want to Please?

Successful go-getters are willing to accept extra work from time to time. But to become great at your job, you need to learn to say no to unwanted challenges.

This can be very difficult for some of us. We can easily get roped into boring busywork and we don’t even get our efforts acknowledged.

So learning how to say no will help you get ahead. You should also try to avoid reflexive agreements and learn how to stop apologizing for everything you do.

People-pleasers can maintain a surface popularity for a while. But in the long term, this way of life will keep you from reaching your true potential.


3. Do You Let Yourself Daydream About Your Career?

Sandberg believes that having fantasies about your future success is good for your career. My experience as a career coach confirms this.

Setting realistic goals is important in the short term. But let your imagination run wild when it comes to long-term goals.

This will help stay you motivated as you keep working toward your dream.

One Last Thought

All of this will take time. Sadly, there is no secret shortcut to improving your self-esteem.

But with determination and some help, you can change your approach and step on the road to success.