Health Meets Mindfulness

Today, to honor world health day, I want to explore the connection between mindfulness and your health. It’s so easy to get swept away in the business of the day that we avoid our health. Under the heavy weight of our schedules, our nutrition falls, our sleep suffers, activity slackens, and we disconnect from our needs. Yet, our bodies and minds are gifts that we must love and nurture and live a full life, and have the fortitude to help others, we need to live in ways that honor our unique needs of our being. Each of us is impacted by our conditions differently and we all face unique health challenges. This is where mindfulness steps in, the ability to develop allows us to tune into our body and mind and really hear our inner needs. It invites us to slow down when were rushing too quickly or too long and putting strain on ourselves and allows for compassion when were stressed and need to nurture ourselves.

When we stop and listen to our needs, awareness steps in to do the caring. We’re often so busy caring for others and our responsibilities, that we fail to take care for ourselves.

So let’s use this day to really listen and cultivate trust to what our bodies really need. Do you need to develop better habits around nutrition and exercise? Maybe you need to create more boundaries around your time. Maybe you need more play. Do you need to wind down and take a bubble bath and have an early night? Maybe you’re burnt out and need more rest. Take some time to connect with what your needs may be. Take the day to become aware of your needs and value your health by really tuning into your body.